Community Supported Herbalism (CSH)


CSH 2018-2019

 Build your own medicine cabinet! This project is based on the idea of the CSA (community supported agriculture) in which community members buy a share from their local farmers to supply them with fresh local food all season. A CSH (community supported herbalism) provides you with local medicine throughout the four seasons of the year. This allows community members to enjoy and use their local medicine while supporting a local herbalist.

The CSH will run from September 2018 to June 2019 and on each solstice members will receive four different herbal products that have been harvested and processed by myself. These herbs are either wildcrafted in the pacific northwest or grown on Salt Spring. These will include alcoholic tinctures, oils, glycerites, honeys, salves and teas. Each box will come with its own materia medica so that each member knows how to correctly use the extracts supplied.


Medicine provided: 4  different herbal products in one box four times per year (16 herbal products in total). Each box will come with its own complete materia medica that will outline details around plant species, dosage, therapeutic indications and contraindications.

When: Medicine will be provided at four times during the year; September 21st, December 21st, March 21st and June 21st


Regular size: 50ml quantities x 16 herbal products

Full season share: 195$

Individual box(availability limited): 55$

Large size: 100ml quantities x 16 herbal products

Full season share: 350$

Individual box (availability limited): 95$

Boxes are picked up at a specific location on Salt Spring and then the empty box can be dropped off to be filled at the share members leisure before the next pick up date. If you live off-island the boxes can be shipped to you and shipping costs will apply.

Please email for more details!


2017/2018 share member Caiomhe with her full year share of herbal medicine