About Sarah

Training and Education

Sarah Cordes is a western herbalist, social services worker, grower, wildcrafter and dog mom living on Coast Salish Territory Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. As a settler on this beautiful land, Sarah deeply appreciates the ability to live and work on the territory of the hul’qumi’num and Sencoten speaking peoples.

Sarah discovered her love of plants at a very young age but developed a passion for medicine in her early 20’s. This passion drew her from Ontario out west to Study at the The Wild Seed School of Herbal Medicine with Jasmyn Clift. For three years Sarah has studied under Jasmyn and her Partner Kevin’s tutelage and has completed their intermediate, apprenticeship and advanced clinical training. Their school has provided Sarah with competencies in physiology, plant biology, pathophysiology, extensive materia medica of the pacific northwest, herb-drug interactions, formulation, counseling, clinical assessment skills, nutrition, medicine making,  and so much more.

Sarah has also developed her skills through working as a herbal consultant at a natural pharmacy on Salt Spring. Here Sarah has had the opportunity to expand her knowledge not only on herbs but also a wide range of supplements. What makes Sarah unique is her ability to use herbs, vitamins and supplements together to achieve optimal results. As a herbal consultant Sarah has gained insight into solving many different common issues that are poorly aided by allopathic medicine such as sleep, stress, pain, anemia, adrenal fatigue and a wide range of digestive issues.

Sarah’s Work and Passion

Sarah discovered herbalism through farming, anarchism and a general love for living outside the system. To her, herbalism is a step towards a more resilient, healthy and  sustainable life, both on a personal level and a communal level. Through using plants as medicine we can strive to take care of ourselves and the other beings that live around us. With this is mind, Sarah strives to connect people to the plants and places that are around them in order to conserve whats left of wild spaces. She strives for this connection to be mutual for both people and plants.

As a herbalist, Sarah adheres to ethical wildcrafting practices and revisits places of harvest to monitor plant health and well-being. She always strives to connect deeply to the wild places around her and also loves to grow her own herbs.

As a practitioner Sarah believes strongly in client-centered and compassionate care. This means that no client will be made to feel small due to their choices, lifestyle or needs. She strives to be an accessible, non-judgmental and knowledgeable support in her clients lives.

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